Synergy Physical Therapy is located at 39 Carlon Dr. Northampton, MA. Right off King Street(Rt 5). We are behind the Northampton Athletic Club and is adjacent to the medical offices at 76 Carlon Drive. We are uniquely situated to serve the health and fitness field as well as the medical community. We have plenty of off street parking and are handicapped accessible.


Sports and Orthopedic Injuries - Headaches - Neck and Back Pain - Knee Impairments -
Shoulder Dysfunction - Bursitis and Tendonitis - Gait and Balance Disorders - Postural Syndrome - Runner's Knee - Swimmer's Shoulder and much more.

If you have any questions regarding injuries and their prevention and pre/post - surgical therapy, contact us to see how
we can help you.
[email protected]

We at Synergy Physical therapy help to restore the fun in peoples lives through improved movement and function.

*Most major insurance accepted as well as cash payment options*
Synergy Physical Therapy-Where Movement Matters

Who Are Physical Therapists (PTs)?
Physical therapists are highly educated licensed health care professionals who treat patients of all ages with health related problems which limit movement and performance of functional activities in their daily lives. PTs can help get you moving again.

The Role Of A Physical Therapist:
A physical therapist will develop a plan of care that promotes the ability to move, reduce pain, restore function, and prevents disability. The Physical Therapist and patient work side by side to make sure that the goals of the plan of care are met.
No matter your age you don't have to live with pain or limited mobility.

Reconsidering The Role Of The PT:
Reduce the probability of injury with a Physical Therapy assessment before you get hurt!  We can help identify
weakness and dysfunction, and plan a program to strengthen and improve ..........
A PT assessment can identify weakness before an injury can occur.

Starting A New Exercise Program:
It is a good idea to see a physical therapist if you suspect an injury or are starting a running or cycling program. A physical therapist can create a customized strengthening and stretching program tailored to your body type, your age, and your activity level.
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